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interview with former secretary of state hillary clinton. and because we are lucky enough to work closely with the folks at the andrea mitchell show, close enough we can bribe them for preview clip, we have for you a preview of the interview clip tonight, watch. >> how much will health -- your own personal health, we know that you have had at least two clots? how does that factor into the decision to run for president and all that that entails? >> well, it doesn't factor in at all. i have no doubt that i am health, and can do whatever i choose to do. but i don't have any decisions made. i have no real plans to make any such decisions. i'm looking forward to some very quiet time, catching up on everything from sleep to reading to walking with my family. i think it is hard to imagine,
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for me, what it will be like next week when i wake up. i have nowhere to go, and maybe i'll go back to sleep for a change. >> andrea mitchell, one-on-one interview with hillary clinton for the rest of that interview, watch andrea mitchell reports tomorrow at 1:00 eastern right here on msnbc. if you are at work or school while it happens, set your dvr, 1:00 tomorrow. good wednesday morning. right now on first look, breaking news in alabama where police are negotiating with with a gunman holding a 6-year-old hostage after shooting and killing a bus driver. major reaction to the immigration overhaul. hillary clinton talks about her greatest failure as secretary of state. bizarre weather patterns causing major troubles and a war veter veteran's life changing arm translant operation. we begin with a developing
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story out of alabama are where a bus driver have been shot and killed and a 6-year-old child is missing. tuesday afternoon a man boarded a school bus in alabama. when the driver wouldn't release a child to his custody, the man shot the child. police will not confirm a child hostage situation. we'll update you with new information as it becomes available. many are still reacting to president obama's immigration policy speech in las vegas yesterday where he stated that now is the time to fix what he called a broken system. republican lawmakers are warning there's only so farther willing to compromise on the issue. tracie potts is live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at this point moving forward, both sides need to reconcile these plans, the president's and the ones lawmakers pitched. while the goals seem to be the
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same, what we're not clear on at this point are the the details. >> now is the time. >> reporter: starting today lawmakers begin to sort out differences between their immigration plan and president obama's like how long will it take for people liveing here illegal to become citizens. >> some people have been here for 20 or 30 years in limbo. >> it won't be a quick process. >> reporter: five years is enough but lawmakers want to make sure the borders are secure first. that could take longer. >> if this becomes a bidding war to see who comes up with with the easiest, quickest pathway, this is not going to go well. >> reporter: another difference the white house wants same sex immigrants to apply just like all other families. conservatives may have issues for that. some aren't sold on of the idea of allowing illegal workers to
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stay here at all. >> we believe in immigration but we believe in law. we shouldn't be rewarding those who violate the law. >> reporter: groups pushing for reform want to e see it happen quickly. >> we want to see it done this year. >> reporter: a solution for the the nation and for millions who dream of becoming americans. now in a related effort, there's a different group of bipartisan lawmakers. they are pushing a bill that would allow more foreign high-tech workers to stay in this country. we'll see where that goes. >> all right, tracie potts, thank its so much. john kerry is officially headed to the state department. they voted 94-3. he submitted his resignation to the massachusetts governor who will announce his choice to replace kerry. a new election will be held on june 25th.
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secretary of state hillary clinton sat down with nbc news's andrea myitchellmitchell. she reflected on her time in office. >> what didn't go well? what went wrong? >> benghazi went wrong. that was a terrible example of trying to get the right balance between being in a threatening place or not being there. >> when she campaigned against barack obama she said she was better prepared to handle cri s crises. >> when that phone call rings at 3:00 in the morning, who is best prepared to answer it in 2016? >> well, that is to be decided by the american people. one thing i have learned is that the phone rings day and night. >> but after a damage to her
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left eye, will health be a factor in deciding whether to run again. >> i'm healthy enough and i'll be fully recovered to do whatever i choose to do. but i don't have any decisions made. >> new developments overseas this morning as south korea successfully launches its first rocket. seoul has tried and file failed to put a satellite into space, but today surrounded by smoke, it blasted off from a launch site on the southern coast. now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. republican senator lindsey graham had r harsh words for secretary of state hillary clinton. he says that clinton "got away with murder in the hearings about the attack in benghazi." as clinton leaves office, merle streep is the favorite in a poll of who should play clinton if a movie is made about her.
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more than 6 in 10 voters say it's time for rick perry to step aside and not run for reelection next year. george ryan is getting out of prison. he's served five years for corruption and now 78 years old. and michael bloomberg had had high praise for joe biden telling politico, you know, joe biden, you can joke about him but he has a set of, fill in the blanks, and he says what he believes and is forced to focus on gay marriage. that's your scrambled politics. turning to australia where massive flooding caused by the remnants of a cyclone has forced 7,500 people from their it homes. there's no power in most of the joan and officials are warning to be careful about drinking water. now for a look at the national weather we turn to bill karins. >> it's been a busy night. a lot of rough storms. tornado sirens in kentucky and
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tennessee. here's the recap. four tornadoes so far reported. no fatalities. no towns destroyed. a lot of isolated homes with roofs off. a lot of those things of those nature. the blue dots are wind reports. they are plowing their way through areas of indiana, kentucky, tennessee, through mississippi. we'll include alabama in this and areas of eastern tennessee and kentucky. the most dangerous storms now just rolled through the nashville area. these are tornado warnings. this little cluster has had the strongest winds with it it and the most signs of rotation of tornadic signatures. so anywhere to the east of nashville, give it a half hour and wait until the storms are gone and you'll be safe. also strong storms near richmond and louisville. now a wider view, these storms continue all the way down through mississippi. they are going to roll all the way to the east coast.
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in the areas of yellow, this line of storms will roll through your town. 15 to 30 minutes. they will have the chance of knocking down trees. that includes everybody up to pittsburgh, washington, d.c., just south of philadelphia and then all the way down through raleigh, charlotte, richmond and atlanta. some time around 10:00 a.m. and through montgomery. fast-moving storms that will bring winds with it. it's going to be 70 in d.c. then the storms will roll through. tomorrow we have snow on the backside of this storm. i'll give you the snow totals and details a little later. >> thanks so much. a stretch of the mighty mississippi is closed. and which business stories will be moving your money today. plus a medical miracle involving arm transplants. this is a story you have to hear to believe. you're watching "first look." [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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welcome back. other stories making news this morning. the death toll has riz een to 234 in the brazil nightclub fire. investigators say the pyrotechnic flare that started the fire was meant for outdoor use only, not undoors. a 16-mile stretch of the mississippi river is still closed as crews try to clean up oil spilled in a barge accident. 50 barges are waiting for the river to be reopened. google maps used to show a blank area for north korea. but now suddenly after google chairman eric smith visited, the maps are detailed enough to show subway stops and the focus concentration camps. a medical miracle story of
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six weeks ago he received a new pair of arms. >> now i can move my elbow. this was my elbow, the one i had before. i can rotate a little bit. this arm is pretty much not much movement at all. not yet. >> he says he's getting a second chance and his goal is to compete again in sports. most of ul, drive his car. now for a look at stocks. the dow gets closer to 14,000 after rising 72 points yesterday. the s&p and nasdaq were mixed. overseas trading saw a boost. it's a busy day on wall street. we'll see if amazon's stock continues to rise. it shot up after the bell thanks to strong quarterly revenue. also chesapeake got a late boost on their ceo is stepping down
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and will leave the company april 1st. lot of eyes will be on research in motion when the black berry 10 is released this morning. investors could be digesting economic news. economic growth slowed sharply from october through december to an annual of 1.2% down from 3.1% in the third quarter. microsoft is rolling out a subscription service. it will be available for $100 a year. boeing was aware of problems with its drooem liner batteries before recent fires grounded their fleet of 878s. officials had to replace 10 batteries in planes but safety regulators were not informed because flights weren't cancel ed. a judge accepted a $4 billion settlement with bp in
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the gulf oil disaster. the owner of pabst blue ribbon are closed to a deal for hostess brands. we can only hope it's true. congratulations to manchester united, the first with a $3 billion valuation. the dallas cowboys are a distant second at $2.1 billion. canned air? a chinese billionaire is selling fresh air in soft drink cans. flavors include post industrial taiwan. straight ahead, media day for the ravens and 49ers including randy moss's pick for greatest quarterback ever. smoking e cigarettes can be deadly and getting ready to feed the troops on super sunday. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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former congressman will be the man. he's well known to the party. popular as far as the party goes. and more importantly, democrats are going to do everything in their power to keep scott brown out of that seat. >> that's what i wanted to talk about next. how are they going to do that? a lot of people are speculating it's his chance to make a political comeback. >> in politics, one of the most important things is name i.d. he's been a senator. and actually a relatively popular one. scott brown did more damage to himself running for office than he ever did in office. when he was in office, he made some unpop r lar votes but his approval rating wasn't that bad. he was recently in the game and does have the name recognition. on the other hand, he did damage to himself running elizabeth warren. he came across in a negative
2:21 am
way. the last impression he left on voters wasn't that positive. and democrats are raising a ton of money. they are going to raise as much money as it it takes to try to deny him a return to the the senate. >> joy-ann reid, thank you for your perspective. hopefully you can go back to sleep now. >> thank you. here's your first look at other news around america. we start in ohio. a courtroom attack was captured on camera. a man went on a rampage as his ex-girlfriend was seeking an order of protection against him. he shoved his grandmother. he was stunned with a stun gun. an explosion ignited by a couple smokers. they were trespassing when they decided to light up above a storage container. flames erupted from the tank causing both to suffer critical injuries. in florida a death-defying stunt amazes thousands of spectators. he battled heavy wind as he e
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completed his trek on a tight roep. the daredevil performed the act without a safety harness. in chicago slices of home were shipped from the windy city to servicemen and women in kuwait and afghanistan. they teamed up to send the troops a massive order of deep dish style pizza scheduled to arrive in time for super bowl sunday. in missouri a mother and son is received a special delivery from afghanistan. he shipped his four-legged friend to his family after finding him on the streets. he returns home at the the end of february. that's a very lucky dog. major league baseball is investigating reports that alex rodriguez bought human growth hormone from a clinic in florida. four other players appear in the records of the clinic, which is now closed. a spokesman released a statement
2:23 am
s saying "any documents referenced in the story are not legitimate." . ray lewis who will retire after sunday's super bowl also denied using a product containing a substance banned in the nfl. at media day randy moss said he's the best wide receiver to ever play in the national football league. not true, but good for his own ego. and baltimore will be wearing a wedding dress in purple when she elopes saturday in new orleans. she waited until the ravens return to the super bowl to get married. here's bill karins with the forecast. >> we talked about the severe weather. now let's talk about the winter side. the cold air is in place. now it's starting to pick up in snow just outside of omaha and des moines and ames today. that's going to be the area that's going to be travel trouble. 3 to 6 inches of snow and it will be blowing all over the place.
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notice it's pretty much to the north of chicago. just barely north of milwaukee. the forecast today if you're on the eastern sea board, major airport problems. the winds will be howling when the storms roll through. we'll get damaging winds and temperatures will be warm before the storms hit in the east. also in atlanta this morning, major airport problems as the sto storms roll all the way through the deep south. >> thank you. just ahead, time to wake up johnny drama. plus which one of these and which is ashton kutcher. you're watching "first look." i've been coloring liz's hair for years.
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the president announced same-sex couples will be included in his immigration reform bill. when they heard, they were like you know we're already citizens, right? >> the "30 rock" season finale got more delicious. ben and jerry's will introduce a new favor. we can only speculate what the flavor will be. e news is reporting alec baldwin and his wife are are expecting their first child. they have no comment, but a close friend says it's most definitely true. congratulations to them. warner brothers reportedly given the go ahead to the movie version of "entourage" about an up and coming movie star. deals are being made with with the cast.
2:29 am
jim neighbors officially tied the knot with his partner of 38 years. the two traveled from their home in honolulu to washington state where gay marriage became legal last month. justin bieber's pr team has been busy dealing with an inappropriate photo of justin touching a young woman on his fan site. they said it didn't happen although the picture makes it tough to dispute. and ashton kutcher tweeted a photo of himself as middle-aged steve jobs and the resemblance is uncanny. a military student made an online video to get a date to a military ball with miss texas. >> look at yourself. now look at me. now back at yourself, now back to me. sadly, you aren't me but you could be with me. >> he received a shocking reply after miss texas saw his old spice invite
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